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A Virtual Assistant is simply a modern take on an Office Manager. In the early 1990s, PAs and Administrators were able to start taking on small tasks from out of the office and as technology is ever-increasing, that role has increased. Virtual Assistants can do every thing an in-house employee can do these days, apart from make the coffee…but they can order you UberEats to deliver the coffee!

So, a Virtual Assistant is like a modern, more convenient and cheaper way of hiring staff


  • Telephone Answering
  • Diary Management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Dictation
  • Editing, formatting
  • General Admin
  • Social Media Management
  • Project Management


You are in the right place! We have teamed up with a friendly boutique VA Recruitment firm that specialise in sourcing VA’s specifically for you and your business requirements. We will talk you through the process and even help you manage your VA if you need us too…

Every business is different in what they may need from a virtual assistant, some clients like to interview their VAs, some like to meet face-to-face and some are happy as long as their work gets done correctly and on time!

Not sure where to start? We can help you…

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Here are the answers to our most FAQs…

The main difference, is you only pay for the hours you need from your VA, which often means reducing your business costs. Feel free to call us for a more in depth chat about the differences

With the advancement of technology, virtual assistants are working worldwide very effectively for their clients. We know exactly how to make this work and will help you get used to it

We find that most busy entrepreneurs, and growing businesses really benefit from a range a virtual assistant services, including but not limited to, Telephone Answering & Diary Management, Email Support, Bookkeeping & Managing Receipts, Dictation & Document creation/Editing, even posting on your social medias for you.

Typically a VA will be paid in the region of £25-£35 per hour, so when you add up the cost of an employee, with sick pay, benefits and overheads, it often becomes cheaper.

We partner with a friendly boutique recruiter that specialists in sourcing top quality Virtual Assistants for their clients. Their approach is to speak with you in detail to find out how best we can assist you, and then we find your perfect Virtual Assistant. Chances are, they will have even been trained by our experience Virtual Assistants as well.

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